Are you a Mom and Pop shop, a mid sized family business or even a multi generational involved enterprise? Either way, you have a story to share about building a business while working with your family.

Family Business Matters is a show developed by the Proactive Business Network to show the impact of family businesses. Family owned businesses are a major part of our economy. Many have unique stories but all of you can identify with the challenges and benefits of working with relatives. This program is a platform for you to tell your stories including good and bad consequences, options, solutions, benefits, your roles and how you handled different situations. What does each family member bring to the business? What does the business bring to the family? Are there tradeoffs and costs? What is your legacy and what are your future plans? Guests benefit from having their story documented but also from realizing that there are many other families experiencing the same issues and questions. We welcome one member, multiple members and, ideally, multiple generations.

Host Kerri Salls will address what you need to know to succeed and grow. Kerri specializes in working with family owned businesses to position them for longevity and successful transitions between generations. She will often have professional advisors as guests to offer advice on specific topics such as financial planning, real estate, taxes, succession planning and keeping a balance in business and family life. There will be opportunities for Q&A on a topic and for your family to promote your business.

There is no charge for this opportunity to have your story documented and shared. Proactive Business Network and our parent company, Complete Technology Resources, are family owned companies. We understand how much work goes into supporting and growing a business that you dont ever really leave at the office. We aim to celebrate the dedication and perseverance necessary to keep moving forward. Join us and let others learn from your experiences!

If you want to be on our show, please contact us by filling out the form below, or by giving us a call at 508-49-4111